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Our services

Whether for “newcomers” or “old hands”, the transfer of experience, or input from external sources – our coaching accelerates development and projects in the following areas

  • Development of an employee (2nd row) into the position of the service manager

  • Support of a succession process in the management of the business unit

  • Personal development of a job holder through a long-term programme

  • Support of the manager in service for a special project. For example:

    • Restructuring

    • Cost reduction

    • Activity abroad

    • Business development

    • CRM/SMS selection/implementation

    • Larger product projects

Our coaching for executives offers alternatives for the successful performance of key functions in your company’s service (e.g. the development of job holders instead of filling a new position with all the time and money involved).

Our offer

Coaching is customised to your individual situation and your employee.

  • Flat-rate(s) for a defined period with agreed targets

  • Consulting contract with settlement of daily or monthly fees

  • Long-term project contract with defined content and objectives

  • Billing of individual service units based on a daily fee

Your benefits

External staffing is not always the best solution. Potential must be identified and activated beforehand. Your advantages:

  • Preservation of long-standing (specialist) experience of your manager, “on the job” development.

  • Activation of an employee from the “2nd row” with a low risk of failure

  • Temporary, external expertise from a wide range of industries without firm commitment