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Our services

The most intensive form of our support until the successful completion of the probationary period:

  • Creation of job profiles based on company needs

  • Design of adverts, print/online, including texts

  • Preparation of interviews

  • Creation of company and task profiles for applicants

  • Creation of extended job descriptions for the personnel file

  • Development of a search strategy or method

  • Preparation of tasks for aptitude tests for applicants

  • Examination of candidates from the database of

  • Advertisement placement with and without naming your company

  • Direct contact with candidates in professional networks

  • Direct contact with candidates in social networks

  • Direct contact with candidates in a defined target area

  • Conducting telephone/video interviews with interested parties

  • Conducting personal interviews with applicants

  • Obtaining information from references by telephone

  • Assumption of tasks for aptitude tests for applicants

  • Preparation of a candidate exposé or profile

  • Support of applicants in interviews

  • Arrangements for personal meetings

  • Candidate presentation and discussion moderation

  • Settlement of travel/fare expenses for applicants

  • Support in contract negotiations with applicants

  • Support of applicants and clients during the probationary period

With this package of activities we cover the maximum. Comprehensive preparation, search and identification on many channels, full network deployment, intensive screening of applicants, and ensuring a successful entry and development in your company.

Our offer

Our fee is based on the annual gross salary of the position to be filled:


  • Expenses are not included

  • Success component of 5% after probationary period

  • Separate offer for foreign positions

Your benefits

More intensive preparation and contact in target areas further enhance your advantages. For example:

  • Supporting your personnel team with many years of professional expertise in technology and service

  • Fast and effective filling of the vacant position through focused and systematic searches

  • Direct contact with the use of a broad, comprehensive contact base in our network

  • Sophisticated direct contact in a defined target area provides ideal candidates

  • Assurance of hiring decisions and costs through external expertise and guarantee

  • Joint support for your new employee in the starting phase, which is crucial for success