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Our services

Merging or splitting service groups is a complex process. Working methods and product support are often fundamentally different. We master this task.

  • Integration of a service group or organisation after acquisition/merger

  • Consolidation of service product groups within the organisation

  • Separation of service subunits (e.g. for the sale of business units)

  • Implementation of external service networks, transformation into a new model

  • Restructuring, simplification, and streamlining of service units

The handing over of a service group into new responsibility also requires specialist knowledge and care because customers are behind the supported products.

Our offer

Prepared and planned in good time, changes do not pose a risk. On the contrary – they are an opportunity to make progress at the same time. We agree on these services via one of these types of contract:

  • Change management contract for a defined period with agreed targets and
    settlement of daily, monthly, or total fee according to agreement

  • Long-term project contract with defined content, a time allotment, and flexibly negotiable fee payments, including a success component

Your benefits

The transformation from “risk” to “opportunity” can succeed through our expertise, which has matured with a multitude of different projects.

  • International experience in the integration and adaptation of service organisations

  • External, objective, and impartial view of the best solution to the task at hand

  • Minimal influence on the day-to-day business of the units or organisations