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Our services

We can support any task to assist in the process of selection and recruitment.
The exact scope can be adjusted exactly to your needs. For example:

  • Creation of job profiles and job descriptions

  • Formulation and design of advertisements

  • Ad placement, protection of your identity

  • Processing/evaluation of applications

  • Participation in job interviews

  • Trade fair support for applicants

  • Evaluation of references

  • Receipt of applications

  • Rejections and invitations

  • Creation of applicant profiles

Let us do the things you don’t have time for. Gain confidence in your decisions through external expertise and an independent opinion. Determine which group of applicants ties up your resources.

Our offer

Our billing mode is also individually adjustable to your needs. For example: 

  • Order flat rate (e.g. per invitation to tender, appointment, trade fair, placement, applicant)

  • Billing according to time, hourly or daily fee, per event, month/year

  • Per activity (e.g. application, interview, profile, certificate, or reference)

  • Long-term assumption of a defined activity, service contract

Your benefits

The advantages of our involvement in your personnel processes are obvious. For example:

  • Conservation of your resources in the human resources department and avoidance of additional staffing

  • Supporting your personnel team with many years of professional expertise in technology and service

  • Possibility of hiring candidates directly; if necessary, protection of your identity