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Our services

If your team does not stand behind a project or a change, the risk of failure is great. Fundamental change in thinking can be achieved only if all members of the team are involved. Our coaching - concepts offer solutions for

  • Mental reorientation (e.g. to a higher level of customer orientation)

  • Improved collaboration with other teams or external organisations

  • Optimisation of internal collaboration and the cooperation of groups

  • Improvement of service quality, development of understanding, behavioural change

  • Smooth restructuring, internal mergers, splitting/selling of a partial unit

The team leader is integrated as a member of the team. Close cooperation in preparation and implementation is self-evident, although not always obvious.

Our offer

Coaching is customised to your individual situation and your team.

  • Flat-rate(s) for a defined period with agreed targets

  • Consulting contract with settlement of daily or monthly fees

  • Long-term project contract with defined content and objectives

  • Billing of individual service units based on a daily fee

Your benefits

Motivating an entire team is a considerable challenge. We can help you succeed in the first attempt if we get involved as early as possible. Your advantages:

  • High acceptance of the planned measure among employees from the outset

  • Support of the team prevents undesirable developments and collapse of team performance

  • The manager is supported and protected; task sharing creates security