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Your vacancy

For Editor, we will find suitable candidates (m/f) for these or similar positions:


  • Technical Editor

  • Head of Service Documentation

  • Documentation Specialist

  • Technical Writer

  • Document Management Clerk

  • Technical Documentation Clerk

  • Technical Author

The area of responsibility for the position can be regional, national, or international. We also work for you when it comes to filling a position abroad.


A few examples of tasks for a position in the area of documentation service:

  • Preparation of operating instructions, service documentation and contents for on-line help

  • Production of training presentations as well as qualification and certification documents

  • Monitoring of product, component, and spare part revisions as well as compatibilities

  • Development of guidelines for documentation, introduction of a control system

  • Management and continuous updating of spare parts documentation

  • Obtaining information from areas such as product development and manufacturing

  • Provision of technical documentation for international use

  • Development of a concept for service documentation

  • Preparation of documentation for complex large-scale projects

  • Support in the development of special corporate terminology

  • Formulation of declarations of conformity

  • ...

Upon request, we will work with you to create a suitable and appealing job description for the position you are looking to fill as well as the candidate profile for the search.

Our offer

Adjustable to your needs – our support in filling vacancies in your company. Please choose from one of the five offers. Our permanent engagement as an assistant in the background is just as possible as the filling of vacancies through a combination of internal and external searches.

Do you want specific relief in certain areas of your personnel search or personnel management? Let us assist you in the background so that your own personnel team can concentrate on the essential steps of filling vacant positions. Here you can find all the details about RECRUITING ASSISTANT .

The solution for filling a position is often much closer than expected. However, the leap into the “cold water” for internal candidates involves risks that can be minimised (e.g. with a development concept). We support you in filling vacancies internally, identify potential in your team, and advise you on possible candidates for the position to be filled. Here you can find all the details about RECRUITING INTERNAL .

Careful preparation and focused performance – our advertisement-supported search for suitable candidates, which is supplemented by our own database, delivers fast and reliable results. We take over the complete process of searching and pre-selection up to the presentation of the final candidates at your location. Find out more about our RECRUITING COMPACT offer here.

Complemented by direct contact with candidates in public networks, advanced preparation and additional services in the process of search and pre-selection, this offer provides a very efficient and fast way to fill your open position with a minimum of time for your company. Find more details on our RECRUITING COMPLETE offer here.

A special examination of interested applicants in the form of work samples distinguishes this offer in addition to the support of the job holder during the probationary period, including the exchange with your personnel department.  Direct contact with potential candidates in the direct market environment is also one of the services offered. You can find all the details on RECRUITING INTENSIVE here.


The staffing by your own human resources department and the costs of the position in question up to the end of the probationary period quickly add up to a high five-digit amount. If the appointment is not successful, there is a considerable financial loss. Investing in our service therefore pays off.

Our basic fee is for our offer:


of the annual gross salary of the position to be filled.

In addition, there are usual expenses (e.g. for advertising and applicant costs) as well as a success component (5% of the annual gross salary) upon successful completion of the probationary period. We prepare an individual offer for filling positions abroad.

Our offers are calculated individually for: