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Our services

A ship without a captain leads to discomfort for crew and paying guests – our service prevents confusion and loss of customer satisfaction.

  • Replacement of the job holder – either temporarily or indefinitely

  • Assumption of management function for the time of restructuring

  • De-integration, spin-off of a division

  • Management of service projects at home and abroad

Other management tasks can also be carried out excellently via our temporary assignment. Compared with dissatisfied customers, this is always the most cost-effective solution.

Our offer

Management projects are challenging and require precise definition. We therefore recommend one of these types of contracts:

  • Interim management contract for a defined period with agreed targets and
    settlement of daily, monthly, or total fee according to agreement

  • Long-term project contract with defined content, a time allotment, and flexibly negotiable fee payments, including a success component

Your benefits

Immediately gain control without any special start-up phase, direct assumption of responsibility. The top 3 advantages of our deployment:

  • Immediate assumption of management of the business area possible, short start-up time

  • Full preservation of all day-to-day management activities – the team remains focused

  • Reliable management capacity – unbiased implementation, even for difficult projects